The out of the gate goal to all Economy Class travel should be to secure the best price offered by international air carriers of your choosing. The simple facts are there are hundreds of seats available in the Economy cabin and there is absolutely no reason to be paying anything other than the lowest price available when all the seats and services are the relatively speaking the exact same.

Premium Economy Class

In the last decade international air carriers have introduced a product labeled PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS. The idea being to offer an option NOT upgraded to the amenities found in the upgraded Business Class cabin but something above the cattle car approach found in most Economy class cabins. Is it worth it? Like ALL Economy class options the number 1 – 2 – 3 overriding issues are the COST. What is the bottom line?

Economy Class Travel: Reality vs. Airline Advertising

Despite glossy flashy advertising created for international travel, the reality of flying many hours in Economy Class cabins is NOT a great experience. It is more a matter of patience, composure, fortitude, and endurance. The end goal of arriving at your destination is what gets you through the ordeal. If that assessment seems harsh, we apologize. We believe it’s important NOT to over promise an experience that will NOT live up to expectations. Again, when traveling ECONOMY CLASS for international travel the number 1 – 2 – 3 objective is to acquire the best priced option available. Find the best price and it makes the entire sometimes grueling endeavor worth the hours of tedious particulars associated with international travel in ECONOMY CLASS.

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